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Lenovo-IBM KU-0225 Keyboard Typing Mask

This keyboard typing mask also fits the: Lenovo-IBM KB-0225, Lenovo-IBM SK-8820 and Lenovo-IBM SK-8825 Keyboards

This keyboard might also be labeled as: IBM KB-0225, IBM SK-8820, IBM KU-0225 or IBM SK-8825

The Lenovo-IBM SK-8825 typing mask (typing cover) is an opaque keyboard cover that helps students learn keyboarding. The masks are manufactured of high quality materials that will last for years. The typing mask slips on and off easily as needed without damaging the keyboard. The student cannot see the keyboard letters so they can focus on learning touch typing techniques.

This typing mask fits the following keyboards: Lenovo-IBM KB-0225, Lenovo-IBM SK-8820, Lenovo-IBM KU-0225 and Lenovo-IBM SK-8825 keyboard. The typing mask is precisely molded to fit only these keyboards and will not fit any other model keyboard.


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Product Features

  • Opaque mask. The mask is opaque so the student cannot see the keyboard letters.
  • Infection Control. The typing covers provide a degree of bacterial control by allowing the use of antiseptic wipes between student uses. This can be critically important in peak illness seasons.
  • Reduces keyboard damage. The typing cover protects the keyboard from accidental spills, small objects (such as paper clips, staples, food particles), moisture, spills, and other contaminants.
  • Easy removal. The mask slips off in seconds for the next class or student who doesn't need the blind keyboard.
  • Custom fit. The typing masks are precisely molded to keyboard models. We have most popular keyboard model masks available and we are adding new ones all the time.
  • 100% Latex Free. The mask is made of a high-quality, durable polyurethane material that is 100% latex free.
  • Doesn't interfere. The custom molding is so precise, it will not interfere with the student's touch typing technique.
  • Installs in minutes. Lasts for years. The mask design and material assures that they can be installed and removed quickly and easily for repeated use year after year.
Lenovo-IBM SK-8825 Keyboard

Part #: 80121KB

We also have a CLEAR protective cover for the Lenovo-IBM SK-8825 keyboard. More information.


There are thousands more keyboard covers that we can't list here. If you don't see your keyboard on our web site, please contact us using our convenient form or call us at 1-877-477-1988 to see if we have one to fit your model.



This keyboard is also known as: Lenovo-IBM KB-0225, Lenovo-IBM SK-8820, Lenovo-IBM KU-0225 or Lenovo-IBM SK-8825.

The label on the underside of the keyboard might also list this keyboard as: Lenovo-IBM KB0225, KB 0225, Lenovo-IBM SK8820, SK 8820, Lenovo-IBM KU0225, KU 0225, Lenovo-IBM SK8825 or SK 8825.