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Replacement Letter Stickers / Labels

For Desktop and Laptop Keyboards

Installs in minutes. Lasts for years.
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Keyboard keys with worn off printing or surfaces slick from wear is a very common problem in computing today. You can buy an expensive replacement keyboard and deal with the hassle of having to unplug the old keyboard and plug in the new one or you can simply install Smart Keyboard Solutions' Keyboard Replacement Letters. These labels are the easy, inexpensive solution to getting your keyboard back in shape for years of use. 

Smart Keyboard Solutions' Keyboard Replacement Letters come on die cut sheets for a simple peel-and-stick installation. The set includes all of the labels you need to update your entire keyboard so all of the keys match. The set includes additional key labels to fit a wide range of keyboard styles (see a list of what is included in the set).

The label sets are available in two color combinations:

  • White letters on black background
  • Black letters on beige background

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Note: The stickers are manufactured to fit most standard size keyboards. Some keyboards may have some keys that are too small for the stickers. If necessary, you can trim the stickers with scissors or razor knife to fit smaller keys. You should do any trimming of the sticker before you remove it from the adhesive backing.


Larger Picture: White on Black
Larger Picture: Black on Beige

Price: $12.95

See the Sticker Set Contents
See a list of what stickers are included in the set. 

See a list of the sticker SIZES in the set

Product Description
  • The stickers are self-adhesive and die-cut for simple peel-and-stick installation. If necessary, you can trim the sticker size before removing them from the backing.
  • The stickers protect the original key. The original key lettering will not rub off.
  • The smooth, matte finish is an easy-to-see, non-slick surface that feels comfortable for typing.
  • If desired, the stickers can be easily removed without damaging the key.
  • The stickers are printed on high quality LexanŽ that makes them very durable. The stickers can stand up to years of use.
  • The adhesive will not harm the original printing on the keyboard keys.
  • The matte finish LexanŽ is non-glare at any angle.
  • Stickers are available in different colors. Select the color that best suits your keyboard.
  • We use a silkscreen process that prints the letters on the underside of the sticker. Your fingers don't touch the printing, so the letters will not rub off.

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Product Features

  • The set includes stickers for all alphanumeric keys, numeric keypad, and function keys.
  • Additional stickers are included for different key sizes, including the Ctrl, Alt, and other keys.
  • The opaque stickers cover the entire top of the key.
  • The stickers are designed to fit standard PC desktop and laptop computer keyboards. If necessary, the stickers can be trimmed with scissors prior to application.
  • The opaque stickers cover the key completely to hide the original print on the key.


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Made in the USA
Smart Keyboard Solutions language labels / stickers are manufactured in the USA of materials that are guaranteed non-toxic. Our keyboard stickers are developed from our own designs in-house and tested to ensure Windows compatibility. Whenever possible, we try to promote and sell US manufactured products. We strive to ensure that the keyboards we sell are RoHS compliant.